Rigging Democracy – In These Times

28 Jan

Republicans in key states are considering changes to the allocation of electoral votes that would virtually guarantee their party a presidential victory. Republicans are better-positioned than Democrats to try this approach: Of the 12 states that were considered “battlegrounds” in the 2012 campaigns—the ones deemed important enough to draw a major-party candidate for a general-election event—Republicans have monopoly control of seven: Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. Democrats control only Colorado and Minnesota.

via Rigging Democracy – In These Times.

What’s that…Republicans rigging the game…even if you vote them out, you can’t make them leave.  The 2010 Nightmare continues.  Redistricting gave them a US House margin of 33 seats, even though they lost by 1.1 Million votes in the 50 states.  This isn’t democracy, this is creeping fascism…and the people are not in the calculations.


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