Well, Well, Well…Bolger is 11 days late on committee assignments

22 Jan

Apparently, our felonious Speaker of the House, Jase Bolger, is WAY behind on getting committee assignments done.  It seems that there are no Rethuglicans who want to chair the House Education Committee.  I can think of a few reasons for that:

1.  The douche from Flint who was the chair when Snyder and the Rethugs stole $1 Billion from the K-12 fund got recalled.

2. The groups that go before the Ed Committee don’t have deep pockets to lavish cash on the Rethuglican whores in Lansing.

3.  Perhaps they know something we don’t?  Like what Snyder’s next move is on Education.  I can think of a few ideas and I don’t like any of them.  A) The Rethugs will cut K-16 funding again to give more corporate tax breaks.  B) They ram the EAA through and finalize the destruction of public education.  Perhaps not likely though, there are some R’s who will get skinned back home if they try that shit.  C) They will promote a “Parent Trigger” law and let communities slit their own throats.

I am not optimistic that anything good will come from this legislature.  Not unless the Dems grow some balls and grab the R’s by the throat and demand action on schools, labor, and election law…BEFORE they support Snyder’s road tax.


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