Ontario Next Right-to-Work Target? | Labor Notes

21 Jan

The more unions are beaten back in the United States, the worse it is for Canadian workers, whose jobs can easily be shipped south. One need only look at Caterpillar’s Electro-Motive Diesel jobs being moved from London, Ontario, down to Indiana in 2012, after that state passed right-to-work legislation. Such laws outlaw contracts that require all those represented by a union to pay dues, thus breaking up solidarity.

Just last month, GM announced it would be moving jobs from Oshawa, Ontario, to Michigan—coincidentally, just after Michigan’s right-to-work law was passed.

via Ontario Next Right-to-Work Target? | Labor Notes.

I believe that the move to Lansing from Ontario was planned before the RTW bullshit.  Lansing has the 2 newest auto assembly plants in North America (that includes Canada and Mexico kids).  

I would like to see the hourly cost of an equivalent worker in the US and Canada.  I bet Canadian health care makes it cheaper to use Canada, but the newer plant and revised lineup can be assembled here cheaper.


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