Six Ways to Juice Up the Labor Movement

28 Dec

“It’s time to reinvent the strike—the strike as guerrilla warfare,” says Lerner. The strike is the traditional weapon of organized workers, but employers have gotten pretty good at beating those strikes. But in his work with Justice for Janitors, Lerner learned that bosses weren’t ready for short, quick strikes. “If you look at the strike as a way to make them pay a price for how they treat you, you do short strikes, in and out strikes,”

via Six Ways to Juice Up the Labor Movement.


Fucking right brother!  One day. or half day wild cat strikes. Work to rule.  You name it.   For those who don’t know; there have been 2 wildcat strikes (not sanctioned by the union leadership) at Chrysler plants this month.  Both were successful at forcing management to pay overtime and back wages when they changed work rules.


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