Jersey Jazzman: TFA Is a POLITICAL Organization

26 Nov

Jersey Jazzman: TFA Is a POLITICAL Organization.


“So let’s call TFA what it is: a political organization. It’s created a network to influence policy in both the political and education spheres. These are not people who have vast experience running schools, being administrators, or teaching: they are tourists in the world of education. Teaching for two years was an annoying prerequisite before moving on to bigger and better things; it certainly was never a real career choice.

In a real profession, people build up credibility by demonstrating competence over the long term; that credibility then leads to opportunities to become leaders. TFA is bypassing this antiquated notion, getting its people into authority positions without the messy step of having to prove competence in the field.

Its ambitions, like those of the Broad Superintendents “Academy,” are nakedly political, and have very little to do with improving teaching or administrative practice. Let’s not pretend otherwise.”


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